Who Can Train in Shaolin?

monk kick leftShaolin is for everyone! It is for an individual who just wants to receive the benefits of optimal health, increased energy, improved circulation, weight loss, greatly reduced stress and overall well being. You will gain all of these benefits through the study of the Shaolin five animal forms, Shaolin exercises and Chi Gung training.

Shaolin is for the martial arts student. This is a martial artist or person that has the desire to study Shaolin martial arts. Through this program you can learn the Shaolin five animal forms and weapons. This is a complete system and you can go through level one and earn your sashes, eventually earning a Black sash upon completion of this program and testing.

Testing for your sashes can be accomplished through videotaping and sending it to Grandmaster DeMasco for evaluation and upon passing, an advancement certificate. However, to receive a Black sash, you much test personally with Grandmaster DeMasco.

Shaolin is for the martial arts school owner. This is the person, that in addition to earning a Black sash, has the desire to become certified and authorized to instruct the Shaolin Five Animal System.

Certification is a different and more involved program. The additional benefit to becoming certified is that you will have the option of becoming an affiliate member.

It doesn’t make a difference which style you currently teach in your studio. You can add this program to your current curriculum. If you are a school owner, you are very aware that cross training is very popular and heavily promoted thought out our industry. The more you can offer a student, the longer they will stay with you.

Becoming an affiliate member has many benefits. If you are interested in becoming certified and or becoming an affiliate member, please go to the Shaolin affiliation page.