Certified Masters

Senior Master Mikael Meyer
6th Degree Black Belt

As Senior Master and SDSS President, Master Meyer oversees the day to day operations of SDSS. ¬†Graduating from Boston College, Master Meyer opened up his first martial arts studio under Grandmaster Steve DeMasco over 20 years ago. Master Meyer’s Studio became one of the largest studios on the¬†east coast and one of the top studios nationwide. Duplicating the process overtime, he has opened up many more successful studios.

Master Meyer focuses on advertising, marketing, updating programs, accounting and instructor academic enhancement as well as future growth in training individuals to become SDSS instructors. He is a 6th Degree Black Belt Master as well as a Master Instructor in the Kung FU 5 Animal System and Tai Chi.


Senior Master Mike Meyer
President, SDSS


Senior Master Mike Meyer is awarded his Master Degree by Grandmaster Steve DeMasco
2009, Shaolin Temple , China


Senior Master Mike Meyer Receives
Black Belt Hall of Fame Award


Head Abbott of the Shaolin Temple, Grandmaster Steve DeMasco and Senior Master Mike Meyer


Senior Master Mike Meyer performs for Head Abbott of the Shaolin Temple and Grandmaster Steve DeMasco (Dao-Broad Sword)

Master Lisa Nakamura
6th Degree Black Belt

Master Frank Abbate
6th Degree Black Belt

Master Frederick Williams
6th Degree Black Belt

Master Mark Giordano
5th Degree Black Belt

Master Steve Nakamura
5th Degree Black Belt