Focus – Another Advantage of the Martial Arts

In National by SDSS

Martial Arts students develop the skills to focus in every lesson, every week, for as long as they study the martial arts.  The ability to focus will give your student a huge advantage in school, the workplace, and in every goal they set for the rest of their life.

Each lesson is fast-paced and highly engaging.  Students practice front position and mindfulness.  They're given multiple chances to follow multi-step directions.  They engage in mindful stillness AND taught the focus needed to break through barriers, both physically and metaphorically.

Grandmaster DeMasco designed the program so every student is always within reach of their next stripe and their next belt.  Belts don't come automatically - they're earned through hard work and a demonstration of learning.  This means that in every lesson every student is within reach of their next, very meaningful goal.

A student's focus will be even more important in our 24-hour-wired age of personal tech.  Even young children have them now, and every hour of the day is punctuated by dings and buzzes from people trying to message, text, or play.  A person can rarely attend to a task for 10 minutes without the smartphone interrupting.

That's another Martial Arts difference.  Students learn to focus and see things through.  While they're on the dojo floor, they're unplugged from their device and plugged into an ancient art form.  They learn centeredness and respect.  They learn to listen and be respectful.   That's why Grandmaster DeMasco said, "Focus is like a beautiful Shaolin form...Each step has a life of its own, just like every step you take in life."

We invite you to focus and take those next few steps with us.

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