Grandmaster DeMasco Featured in Special Focus

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Grandmaster DeMasco was featured in this March 2017 issue of Special Focus. Special Focus is a magazine published and distributed in China for English Speaking people.

In this article, Grandmaster shares his personal story of being named Grandmaster, and then Cultural and International Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple. It is a deeply personal and often spiritual story.

What is perhaps most poignant in Grandmaster’s account is his humility and reverence for the Shaolin Arts. As you would expect, he was profoundly honored to be given an audience with the Great Abbot Shi Yongxin. He then recounts the story of his surprisingly brief audience that day, and his disturbingly silent dismissal. What follows is a test of his training that drew deeply on the Spirit of Shaolin he had cultivated for decades.

Grandmaster DeMasco is the first non-Asian in the temple’s 1600 year history to be named Grandmaster. He can spin a story that touches your heart and helps you realize that the Shaolin arts are something ancient and profound. It is little wonder this man has changed the lives of so many.

We are very pleased to share Grandmaster’s article with you. Please download by clicking the icon, and please share this with your friends. It is a terrific story.