Grandmaster DeMasco trains SDSS Instructors in Newtown, Connecticut

In National by SDSS

Grandmaster DeMasco is committed to producing the best trained instructors in the industry.  In addition to earning an SDSS black belt, every instructor trains regularly with Grandmaster DeMasco.  He is committed to insuring that your instructors teach genuine and effective self defense in the Shaolin Way.

This is his most recent trip to SDSS of Newtown, Connecticut.  Instructors warm up with a serious workout.  Then Grandmaster shares techniques, many known only by him and a chosen few at the temple.  Finally, Grandmaster shares his wisdom and experience with the SDSS staff.

Without a doubt, learning directly from Grandmaster is a tremendous honor.  But it also means that you can rest assured that every lesson carries the experience of someone who studies under Grandmaster himself.