Grandmaster Steve DeMasco Visits SDSS Westport and teaches a Instructors training session

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On November 7th, 2015, Grandmaster Steve DeMasco visited SDSS Westport and taught an Instructors training session.

Grandmaster DeMasco was the first non Asian to be named a Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Temple in China is the birth place of Asian martial arts as we know it. Grandmaster has dedicated his life to bringing the Shaolin Arts to the world.

All SDSS full time black belt instructors study directly with Grandmaster DeMasco, monthly, and in person. Instructors are trained in the latest techniques, and given a strong foundation in this original and ancient martial art. Each of your instructors then pass this knowledge on to you and your children in your local SDSS studio. It is easy to see why SDSS instructors the best trained professionals in the martial arts industry today.

Growing up in the projects and hard streets of Spanish Harlem, Grandmaster learned life’s hardest lessons early on. He began studying the martial arts as a teenager, where he learned much more than Kung Fu. He discovered the value and power in serving others. This created the foundation for the Life Skills program taught in every SDSS studio. Grandmaster shares these insights with SDSS instructors regularly, and monitors both the martial instruction and the life skills shared with our students.