Grandmaster’s Shaolin Cane and 5-Fist Self Defense Seminar

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Grandmaster will unlock the secrets of the Shaolin Cane as you learn some practical ways to defend yourself with this surprising weapon. The Cane is the signature weapon for SDSS, and Grandmaster has a profound understanding of this unexpectedly effective weapon.

Grandmaster is, of course, world-renowned for his knowledge of the Shaolin 5-fist system. The 5-fist system is at the heart of what we teach at SDSS, and Grandmaster himself ensures that every student receives the highest quality instruction by the best-trained teachers in the Martial Arts.

This seminar is suitable for all levels of learners, and participants will receive a certificate of completion signed by Grandmaster himself. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to work with a true Grandmaster of the Shaolin Arts.

The cost is $150 per person and only $225 for the entire family. See your instructor and register for this incredible seminar!