Karate for KidsDragons Class – Age 8-12

Karate for kids, both in elementary and early middle school.

Dragons class is a fast-paced and action-packed session of martial foundations, self defense, and fun.  We’re sure to build in a little bit of friendly competition, too.  Students at this age learn kinesthetically, emotionally, cognitively, individually and in groups, and Dragons class has it all.

karate for kidsStudents learn the values of self control, self discipline, patience, respect, and honesty.  They develop solid physical and self-defense skills. Children learn conflict resolution, and improve their ability to follow directions.  They learn to think and act independently, and take risks with confidence.

Whether your child is a high achiever or at risk, the Martial Arts can make a major difference in his or her life.  Your son or daughter can learn to be a leader in the family and in school.  They will develop the self confidence to make good decisions, just as they enter the age when those things are so crucial.

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