Kung Fu Summer Camps

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Kung Fu Summer Camps!

Summer Camp

Send your child to spend a week or two with us this summer!  You’ll be glad you did.

Our summertime camps are designed to fill those lazy summer days with fun, activity, and of course, lots of martial arts.

A Day at Kung Fu Camp

Each instructor runs things a bit differently. But each day involves Kung Fu classes, games, crafts, and a snack. Each day has its own theme, so kids have a structure but avoid boring routines.

Summer Camp is for Everyone

Camp is for everyone. You don’t have to be an SDSS student to try Kung Fu Summer Camp! In fact, many of our younger students get their start by coming to camp. They spend the day with fun instructors and great kids, and the dojo soon becomes a second home.

Dates and Times

Each studio chooses camp weeks and times based on local school and event schedules. Call your local SDSS Studio and ask your instructor about the Kung Fu Summer Camp near you!

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