Martial Arts and Academic Performance

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Martial arts will give your child skills to do better in school, whether they’re struggling, or just need an edge. They learn the perseverance, discipline, focus, and goal setting techniques used by successful students. Here are three academic character traits that a martial arts education can foster in your student.

Perseverance and Discipline

CT-Fairfield-2016-February-BeltTest-5Not every subject will come quickly to your child. We all get better at things through practice.  But that’s not always easy. Sometimes students may feel like they’re “never going to get it” so why even practice?

Martial arts will teach your child that practice makes perfect. Students will practice movements repeatedly until they are ready. He or she learns to persevere no matter how hard or impossible they may perceive the task at hand whether it be math, reading or martial arts.  


CT-Fairfield-2016-February-BeltTest-3A big problem for many students is maintaining focus while in the classroom. If a student isn’t focused, it will hinder performance. To do better in school, students need to learn to focus on their teachers and disregard distractions in their environment. 

In martial arts classes, students focus on their instructor to develop new skills and techniques. They tune out other distractions whether it be other students fooling around or thinking about what they’re going to do once they get home.

The Importance of Goal Setting

MA-States-Tournament-June-2016-01Successful students set small goals and work to achieve them. Academically this may mean practicing multiplication tables fifteen minutes every night or reading a chapter a day. When they achieve these small goals, students perform better in all their school subjects. 

In martial arts, students learn to set goals to pass belt tests, win sparring matches and ultimately get to black belt. As your child pushes toward each new goal they’re learning valuable lessons about how to set, reach and achieve their goals.

A martial arts education encompasses both physical and mental fitness. It can increase your child’s brain health and foster character traits to help them become great students and adults. 

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