Martial Arts and Self-Esteem

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Martial Arts students develop self-esteem and confidence.  This will make all the difference in your child’s life. When a child believes they can do anything they set their mind to, they become healthy, happy, successful adults.

Martial arts builds physical fitness, and this will improve your child’s focus and overall brain health.  Healthy, physically fit children are more confident and develop a positive self-image.  They are ready to become focused and goal oriented.  They enjoy better health.  They are more resilient. 

SDSS students advance through the belt system based on what they learn and can do.  They develop confidence because they make genuine accomplishments on a regular basis.  Moreover, the individualized attention that comes with SDSS instruction ensures that every child succeeds, regardless of his or her experience, ability level, or learning style.  

Some people think that the Martial Arts will encourage a child to be physically aggressive.  Just the opposite is true, particularly for SDSS students!  Kung Fu is the way of peace.  We teach kids that they don’t have to use violence to solve their problems.   The longer a child studies with us, the less likely they are to resort to physical altercations.  They will enjoy better peer relationships and more success in life.  At SDSS, your child will learn the best self-defense system in the world.   As a result, our students rarely (if ever) have to use it.  

Bullies are an unfortunate part of childhood.  In addition to the martial arts, we will teach your child to use verbal responses, and take advantage of the resources available to them at school and home.  Bullies prey on fear, and our students learn to stand up for themselves with confidence.  Kung Fu is not about violence – it is about personal growth and kindness to others.

In our schools, contact is kept to an absolute minimum, and only with older, advanced students.  But, on the mat, as in life, sometimes you “take a hit.”  In the Martial Arts, students learn to overcome adversity.  They discover that the “hit” isn’t what counts – it’s what you do about it that matters.  

The martial arts were developed at the Shaolin Temple in China around 350 B.C. as a way to teach self-control, discipline, and gain a sense of enlightenment.  Grandmaster DeMasco is a Grandmaster of that same Shaolin Temple.  He developed his system to be taught in every SDSS school, and he teaches all our instructors personally.  Your child will learn those same virtues sought by martial artists for the past 1600 years.  

A journey in the Martial Arts will build confidence and self-esteem in your child.  Sign up for a free trial lesson today.