Martial Arts Classes for Adults

At SDSS, first and foremost, our objective is personal safety. Our world has changed and so have the rules. We don’t promote violence, however we do advocate that an individual has the right to protect themselves and their families.

A wonderful place to meet new people; this studio provides high quality training, mental discipline, exercises, shaolin forms, to traditional animal forms and weapons training. There’s even a sparing class! With great and professional teachers and the friendliness of the other students and atmosphere, what more could you ask for from a high quality place?. A great place to be. I would not choose any other place for my training.Allyson C. - SDSS of Concord student
I love this place. it’s my second home. I’ve gotten in great shape training here.Greg S. - SDSS of Wilton Student

Benefits Through Our Training:

You will receive the most effective self-defense training available. This is the same system Grandmaster uses to train the FBI SWAT teams.

  • A significant increase in mental focus and awareness.
  • A significant increase in speed and reaction time.
  • A significant increase in energy.
  • The confidence to defend yourself against more than one attacker.

Whether you’re looking for self defense, fitness, or just the peace of mind that comes with this ancient art, you’ll love joining our SDSS family.

I call this my happy place. It is where I go to have fun get a work out and learn how to defend myself just in case. 🙂Marissa F. - SDSS of Keene Student
I’ve only been taking classes for a short time and I’m already hooked! Hayley T. - SDSS Westport Student