Martial Arts Makes You Happy!

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It’s true.  The martial arts can make you a happier person.  

Release Endorphins

It’s a well-known fact that martial arts provide great exercise.  Nutritionists have told us that a martial arts workout raises your heart rate and helps you burn hundreds of calories.  All that exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals naturally released by your body. Doctors often call these “feel good chemicals,”  because they create a positive, happy feeling and can help improve your outlook on life.

Stress Relief

It’s just as well known that Endorphins relieve stress.  So does hitting a bag! When you’ve had a rough day at work or school, nothing feels better than kicking a bag, palm-striking a target, and keeping up with one of our SDSS instructors for an hour.  The challenges of the day will melt away as you kiah your way to joy and good health.

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Better Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “exercise significantly improves the sleep of people with chronic insomnia.”  On days when you engage in the martial arts, you’ll probably fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up more refreshed.  You’ll do that without taking sleep medications, or having to go to one of those sleep-study labs. According to Harvard University Medical School, “Once you sleep well, your mood often returns to normal.”  

So, as it turns out, mom was right.  You really do sleep better and wake up happier when you exercise.  So, come on down to the studio in the afternoon, and get ready for a great night’s sleep.

Martial Arts = Fun!

It’s fun to kick and hit things, especially in a safe and positive environment like your local SDSS studio!   You’ll feel empowered, capable, and in control. Your instructors will keep you laughing, shower you with encouragement, and challenge you to do better with each new exercise and drill.  You can’t do martial arts and NOT feel like a million bucks when class is over.

Get started on your road to happiness

It’s never too early or too late to get started.  Some of our students are in preschool, some get a paycheck, and some are in retirement.  According to the doctors, you’ll feel better right away AND in the future!  So don’t wait. Call your local SDSS studio!  It’s ALWAYS a good time to get happy!