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Martial Arts as Self Defense for Women

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Self Defense for Women - Vicky-01Every year more than 200,000 women are victims of violence in the United States. That’s about 600 women every day.  You could be next. Waiting for something to happen is the last thing anyone should do. Martial arts is a great method of self-defense for women.

Learning to protect yourself will empower you because you’ll know how to handle yourself against an assailant. Because you have the power to keep yourself safe, you will be a role model for other women and girls.  You will have a new confidence that will show at work, at home, and with friends.

Self Defense for Women - Vicky-03Grandmaster DeMasco teaches this system to FBI SWAT teams, law enforcement, and military personnel across the country. In his system, you will learn to use your size and body weight to your advantage, making it an effective form of self defense for women of any age. 

Grandmaster DeMasco teaches all SDSS Certified Instructors how to teach adults. You’ll learn to defend yourself in a safe and engaging environment, and even have fun doing it! Our SDSS Certified Instructors will teach you how to outthink and outsmart the bad guy, giving you an air of confidence you may not have had before. 

Your first lesson is free, so what do you have to lose? Call your local SDSS and set up an appointment today.