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SDSS is here for you during the COVID-19 Crisis

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We are writing to let you know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU during the COVID-19 Crisis.  

Like everyone, we are observing social isolation protocols.  We’re not having class at the studio, but…


Digital Dojo LogoWe WILL have classes!  We will use the Zoom format to keep our students moving forward in the Martial Arts.  The schedule, and your class times, will vary from studio to studio. Look for communication from your Chief Instructor about exactly what that class will look like in your local area.  

Classes will be a combination of traditional martial arts instruction and fun, creative activities suited for children.  

Why are we moving to Digital Dojo?  A few reasons: 

Kung Fu helps you stay healthy

It is more important than ever that you stay active to stay healthy.  Exercise, like the kind you get in Kung Fu class, is your best defense.  That is the biggest reason we moved to digital dojo.  We want you to stay healthy and happy.  


It’s also important to maintain healthy routines while you’re stuck in the house.  Regular activity, communication with other people, and fun things like Kung Fu class ALL improve mood.  Young people thrive on structure and routine, so Digital Dojo can get your mind off the 24/7 “bad news” cycle and on to positive things like earning new stripes and new ranks.  

How long will we do “Digital Dojo?”  

For as long as it is the best thing to keep our students active and engaged with martial arts.  This is a fluid situation, but you can count on us, your SDSS Instructors, to keep our promise to provide you with the best Martial Arts Instruction in the industry.  

Thanks for being a part of our SDSS Family.  If you have questions, call or email your local SDSS Studio.  Stay healthy and safe! 

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