SDSS Martial Arts of Ridgefield Belt Advancement

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This is a good look at a belt advancement one recent Saturday afternoon in Ridgefield, CT.   In our system, students earn belt advancement by working on curriculum through a series of classes. They are then nominated for a belt test.

A "test," and a celebration of learning

Besides, most students think that the belt test experience is an absolute blast!  Tests are supervised by Senior Master Mikael Meyer or his designee.  Like any good teacher, your belt test administrator wants to see what you've learned.  They're really pulling for you, and it becomes a wonderful growth experience.

Students are expected to show what they've learned.  That includes the specific curriculum for their belt level.  Even more importantly, students have a chance to demonstrate improvement in the basics, such as kicks, strikes, and overall technique.

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Students test by level

We're careful to group students by age level and belt rank.  Here you can see students in early ranks testing together, and students in the upper ranks testing together.

After all, this just makes sense.  Students feel the most comfortable working out with other students their own age, at or near their belt level.

Senior Master Mikael Meyer

In addition to being the SDSS CEO, Senior Master Meyer is a consummate teacher.  All the instructors who are designated as Test Administrators are teachers at heart.  So, the testing experience becomes one in which students get tips and feedback on their most important basics.

We can't wait to see YOU at our next belt advancement.  Ask your instructor for details!