SDSS Shaolin Championship Tournament 2019

In National, Tournament by SDSS

Hundreds of students gathered at the Marriott Hotel in Trumbull Connecticut on Saturday for the Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios (SDSS) Annual Tournament.

Students competed in sparring matches and demonstrations of the various techniques they are taught in their classes.  Events include defense techniques, forms, weapons forms, sparring, and sword sparring. Participants are grouped by age and belt level, so everyone is competing against age- and skill-level peers.  Although each event selects a first-, second-, and third-place winner, each event is really a celebration of every student’s accomplishment.  

Shaolin Kung Fu is more than merely an ancient self-defense system that has survived 1,600 years -  it is a lifestyle.

A major highlight is always the Instructors’ Demonstration.  Instructors from all the SDSS locations performed varying forms before Grandmaster.  This gives SDSS students a chance to see what they can achieve through self-discipline, patience, and the life skills taught in our studios. 

Another new tradition includes the annual “skit,” presented by the Massachusetts instructors.   The studios of Massachusetts performed a hilarious and impressive sketch involving board breaking,  kicks, and chin-na. Through humor and some excellent kung fu, students of all ages enjoyed a fun presentation with a strong anti-bullying message.  

The older students in the teens and adult programs competed as well, primarily in sparring and form demonstrations, as Kung Fu is for all ages under the banner of SDSS.

Tournaments such as these help younger students build confidence, practice public speaking when addressing their judges, and grow comfortable with the rigors of competition. They connect with students from all the different locations across the company, which builds a sense of community across all our SDSS locations.