Senior Master Meyer Promoted to 8th Degree

In Grandmaster DeMasco, Master Meyer, National by SDSS

Congratulations to SDSS President, Senior Master Mikael Meyer, who was recently promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster DeMasco.

“This is the highest honor and compliment a Grandmaster of a system can give,” said Grandmaster Steve DeMasco, Founder, and Grandmaster of Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios.  Senior Master Meyer is the highest-ranking martial artist in our company next to Grandmaster DeMasco himself.  He has worked closely with Grandmaster for decades, first as a student and later as a partner.  Together they developed the national movement we now know as SDSS.

Traditionally, the rank of 8th Degree is considered “Professor.”  It is an honor that not only recognizes his Martial status but acknowledges his leadership as an Instructor.   In addition to serving as President of SDSS Nationally, Master Meyer runs the Instructors Academy, oversees all the Connecticut studios, and manages business development.

“I’m proud to work for an organization that values martial arts tradition and lineage,” remarked Master Travis Newbury, Chief Instructor of the Greenwich studio.  “Master Meyer’s dedication to the martial arts is something to be admired by all of us. I have been lucky enough to train with him all these years and credit much of my abilities to his teachings.”

Master Chris Schaefer added, “Master Meyer has been an example of consistency and dedication, especially in the face of adversity.  He has served in many different roles over the years, but the most important to me is as a mentor.  His entire way of thinking is guided by the martial arts.”

Master Christine Swiatek, District Manager, has worked with Master Meyer for longer than most of our instructors.  “To say that I am privileged to know and learn from Master Meyer is an understatement.  I couldn’t have ever imagined, at 11 years old, that the day I walked into the Ridgefield studio (26 years ago!) would be the day that I would meet the person who would help guide and influence the rest of my life.  Master Meyer is the embodiment of what it means to be a true martial artist, and I continue to strive to follow his example every single day.  There is no person more deserving of such an incredible accomplishment.”

Master Meyer continues to serve our company as its President, maintaining the martial and customer service standards our clients have come to expect.