Senior Master Meyer’s Surprise Visit to SDSS Westport!

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What an AWESOME surprise!

Senior Master Mikael Meyer is the SDSS President, and personal disciple to Grandmaster himself.  In fact, except for Grandmaster DeMasco, Master Meyer is the highest ranking martial artist in SDSS.  He is also a master instructor with over two decades experience, having taught students of all ages and levels.

So imagine the shock and the excitement when he just dropped in to this Tigers class!

That’s right – on September 24, Sifu Anthony had just finished warm-ups when Master Meyer made his entrance.

There is something very special about the insight a senior master brings to the basics, and especially someone of Master Meyer’s stature and experience.  Here, Master Meyer taught kids how to kick from the floor.  Everyone in the dojo and in the lobby was transfixed by what was happening.  Everyone will be talking about this for weeks to come!