Special Events – Another Benefit for SDSS Students

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One of the things that set Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios apart from other martial arts schools is our commitment to offering special seminars and events. From its inception, SDSS has been committed to delivering the best-trained instructors in the industry, so your day-to-day class experience will be second to none. In addition to that, we offer a plethora of special seminars and programs that will make your Martial Arts journey life-changing, meaningful, and fun.  

Greenwich Sparring Seminar

Sparring PracticeHere is just one example. On Saturday, February 29, Senior Master Mikael Meyer delivered a point-sparring seminar. Senior Master Meyer is a 7th-degree black belt and the President of SDSS. He trains our Connecticut instructors regularly, and he is a familiar presence in belt tests across the state. The seminar was open to SDSS students aged 7 through adult. He worked on techniques and proper distancing.  

What is “Point Sparring?”

We teach Point Sparring in SDSS. Point sparring is a light-contact martial sport that 

  • builds eye-hand coordination
  • improves cardiovascular health
  • reinforces self-control
  • builds on self-defense principles. 

It is a safe, effective alternative to full contact that minimizes the risk of injury. But most of all, it is a whole lot of fun!  

Sparring practice Other Seminars and Special Events

Seminars and special events will look different at each studio. In addition to local events, our company offers state and national opportunities. Next time you’re in the dojo, ask your Chief Instructor what’s coming up next. Maybe it’s a seminar, perhaps a party, or a fun new theme, or a parents’ night out. We can promise you that your local SDSS studio is both a community and a connection with a 2500-year-old martial tradition.