Straight Outta Shaolin

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With dojos on every street corner in America, you may wonder what sets Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios apart.  Here are just some of the reasons why.  

Grandmaster DeMasco

Grandmaster Steve DeMasco developed this system over a lifetime spent in the martial arts.  The first-ever non-Asian to be given the rank of Grandmaster by the Great Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, he was the key figure in bringing the Shaolin Chuan Fa Five-Fist system to the United States.  As International Ambassador for the Shaolin Temple, he continues to work closely with the Great Abbot and train with the senior monks at the Temple in Dengfeng. 

Shaolin Chuan Fa is the most effective self-defense system on the planet.  It is easily accessible to new learners, yet deep and limitless. The system negates differences in size, strength, age, and physical ability.  You can study it for decades and still learn something new in every lesson. Our finest example of that is Grandmaster himself, who continues to learn after 50 years in the martial arts.  

Life Skills Program 

Our students learn Respect, Patience, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, and Honesty through our Life Skills program.  Grandmaster DeMasco earned his master's degree in psychology, and he has dedicated most of his adult life to helping people overcome adversity and find meaning and success in life.  These Life Skills are the foundation of our character development program.  

Grandmaster was born into poverty and grew up on the streets of Spanish Harlem.  His biography is remarkable, spanning the dark stairwells of the projects to the summit of Song Mountain.  A lifetime in the martial arts led him to the White House, where he was once a spokesman for anti-bullying on a national level.  Over the years he has helped hundreds of thousands of young people overcome things like bullying, trouble with the law, challenges in school, emotional difficulties, and anything life throws at them.  He believes that the “mountains” in our lives are really the ones we build for ourselves and that we can overcome them.  

Small-Group Instruction 

Our studios are committed to combining small-group and large-class instruction to all our students.  Large class instruction is fantastic for building fitness and conditioning. Small group instruction allows students to work on their specific curriculum, and at the same time have partners with whom they can practice what they’ve learned.  It is the perfect balance of fitness and individual attention that will guarantee personal growth.  

Best Trained Instructors in the Industry

From the very beginning, Grandmaster DeMasco was committed to providing the best-trained instructors in the industry.  Our instructors must earn certification through a rigorous and highly selective process before they are allowed to teach.  These requirements include earning an SDSS black belt, completing a two-year, graduate-level course of study in education, human development, and business management, and finally, completing a lengthy internship under the direct supervision of an SDSS Master and Grandmaster DeMasco himself.  

Once the doors open, an instructor’s training never stops.  All instructors continue to study and train with Senior Master (and SDSS President) Mikael Meyer, and monthly with Grandmaster DeMasco.  Senior Master Meyer also oversees instruction and assesses student outcomes to be certain that all studios are meeting SDSS standards.  

Family Friendy 

We build our instructional schedules based on the needs of the students we serve.  Moreover, every studio has a host of special events like parents night out, summer camps, day-off-school events, and parties.  It’s common for families to enroll one member in Kung Fu, and before long, it’s a whole-family event! (Ask your instructor about family discounts, by the way.)  

The SDSS Difference

The biggest difference with SDSS is Grandmaster DeMasco himself, but just as important, it is the school and the legacy he has established within every SDSS studio.  You’re getting the real deal, straight from Shaolin, translated to work well with American kids and adults in a 21st-century world. He has taken an ancient art and translated it for modern times.  

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