Student Spotlight – Caitlyn from Needham

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Congratulations to Caitlyn from Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios of Needham. She’s a brand new Green Belt and the focus of our Student Spotlight!

Caitlyn has been a student at the Needham studio since they opened nearly three years ago. “She works incredibly hard,” said Sensei Hill, the Needham Chief Instructor. “But what’s really incredible is how great a person she is. She lives the values of the Life Skills program. She’s helpful, kind, and a natural leader. I’ve really seen her grow since she started here with us.”

Her mom, too, saw her grow as a person since beginning Kung Fu. “She’s become more confident,” her mom said. “When she began working with S.W.A.T. (SDSS’s student leadership team) she was a little hesitant sometimes. But now, she goes right in front of the class, takes a leadership role. She’s much more sure of herself.”

What really sets Caitlyn apart, though, is that she is a kind, caring person. “We even see it at home,” mom went on. “She always jumps in with ‘hey, can I help you?’ She does that with her friends as well. Lots of kids her age don’t think to help others, but she really does.”

When you meet Caitlyn, you’re struck by her maturity and poise. When asked why she likes Kung Fu so much, she replied, “I want to learn more about self-control and self-discipline. I want to be able to protect myself too.” That’s a deep understanding for anyone, but especially from a fifth grader. “I don’t have a problem going in front of the class now,” she said.

Caitlyn is thinking about becoming a teacher when she grows up. “I’d like to work in an Elementary school,” she said. “I like helping others. If I see someone who needs something I like to help them.”

Congratulations, Caitlyn, not only for being the focus of our latest Student Spotlight but for being such an incredible role model for your peers. You’re a terrific example of what SDSS is all about.