Student Spotlight – Justin from Wellesley

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Meet Justin, from our Wellesley Studio.

Justin is a third grader, and a Green-Brown belt who is about to earn his Junior Brown, First Degree, and he is the focus of our SDSS Student Spotlight.  

“Justin always comes to class and works as hard as he can,” says Sifu Nicco, Chief Instructor of the Wellesley Studio.  “Justin is a model of self-control.  He sets a great example for not only the lower belts in class but also the higher ones. Justin always has a smile on his face and is an absolute blast to teach. He is the perfect example of what it means to be a Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios student and we are lucky to have him.”

“It is amazing to see Justin just take off and grow as a result of being a part of the community in Wellesley,” says Justin’s mom.  “He can be a little on the shy side, and Kung Fu has helped him break out of a mold. He’s helping out in [SDSS of] Needham as an assistant, too.”  Our studios regularly offer opportunities for advanced students to serve in leadership roles, and Justin is taking full advantage.

We asked mom how he’s grown as a result of his time in Wellesley and she said without hesitation, “His sense of confidence.  He gets up in front of the class now, does presentations, answers questions, and gets up in front of a group. He would not have done this without the support he gets from the teachers at the Wellesley Studio.”  

“Justin is very focused,” says dad.  “He has a strong sense of respect, a strong sense of direction, and he wants to perform at the best level he can.”  One look at Justin’s busy life and you can see why. His favorite subject is Writing, but he is a strong student overall.  While being a leader at Kung Fu, he also finds time to play Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball, and on winter weekends you’ll find him on the slopes skiing and snowboarding.  

“We do fun stuff in Kung Fu,” says Justin.  “Whenever I’m feeling sad, when I go in there I feel happy.”  Justin is a terrific example of the SDSS Life Skills program in action.  That sense of confidence and independence is building a foundation for success and happiness in all areas of his life.  

Congratulations, Justin!  We are very proud of you!