Superhero Party SDSS of Darien

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What better way to have spent Friday evening than with the World’s top Superheroes. As they piled into their home away from home, aka the Kung Fu Dojo, egos and kids sized shoes were left hung on the shelves as they demonstrated not 1, not 2, but 3 levels of flying sidekick missions. As the kicking bags begged for mercy all the superheroes united with Crayola to design masks and become one giant powerhouse.  Sifu Chez himself, taught high level superhero techniques in some really intense training. Although the kids sized shoes were left on the shelves, a storm of egos were picked back up and divided the superheroes into a good vs. evil battle with angry birds being the unpleasant messenger as they flew through the air at each other. With most of the heroes jailed, it came down to Captain America vs. Spiderman in which Spiderman claimed victory! With both sides heating up it became clear there can only be one resolution, Pizza. Pizza was able to bring both sides into agreement and a truce that will last a lifetime, or at least until the Columbus Day Ninja Camp!