The Martial Arts and Centeredness

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Much has been written and studied about the positive effects of martial arts for students. We’ve even written about it here in this blog. And that’s entirely true. A lifetime in the martial arts can give your student an edge that will benefit them for a lifetime.

But what about adults?

As adults, we’re working day-to-day, and we don’t often think about how much we’re focused on the life we have in front of us. We’re too “busy” taking care of work, taking care of the kids, taking care of “life” to be present.

Add to that; we’re thoroughly “plugged in.” Our smartphones make sure that the outside world can reach into every meeting, every conversation, and every waking moment of our day. We have more to do, and the stakes are higher, yet we’re as distracted as a teen with his first smartphone.

Shaolin kung fu can help us focus.

In a typical Kung Fu lesson, you’ll learn new things one move at a time. You focus on incremental work. Of course, it’s physically demanding, and it’s also meditative. It’s learning to kick and strike, and learning how to put your entire being into each movement.

On the dojo floor, there are few distractions. We provide a teacher who can keep you on track and give you the personal attention you need. You have a mirror, so you can see what your body is doing. We also hang a belt rack so that you can reference your martial arts goals now and again. And that’s about it. It is YOUR time to focus.

We teach an “Ancient Art for Modern Times,” based on the techniques handed down to us from the Shaolin Monks for hundreds of years. “Shaolin monks have already learned the art of focus and staying ‘tuned in,’” writes Grandmaster DeMasco. “A Shaolin monk’s life is a simple but arduous one,” He writes.  He goes on to describe how their lives are consumed by prayer and kung fu training, yet sometimes even they get distracted. “If the disciple starts to think about how long it will take him to finish, and what he has to do when he is finished, then he will miss all he is trying to learn by praying.”

A chance to be genuinely present

As you become fit, learn to defend yourself, and learn to focus, you’re not selfish. It’s just the opposite. By bettering yourself through Kung Fu, you’re learning the skills of being “present” in every area of your life. It can help you in your relationships and your school or career. As the years go by, you will see the benefits in every area of your life.