The NEW Ridgefield Studio

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Steve DeMasco's Shaolin Studios of Ridgefield is where it has always been, on 15 Danbury Road in Ridgefield.  But our newly renovated space is so bright, so dramatic, and so beautiful it might as well be a whole new studio!

The Renovation

The lobby underwent a dramatic expansion, so we can accommodate the significant growth we've seen in Ridgefield.  Our lobby is an even brighter, sunnier space.  The expanded entrance to the dojo is reminiscent of the black-and-red entrance to the Shaolin Temple itself.   But with one big improvement.   The entryway is much wider, allowing ALL our families to easily see how much fun everyone is having inside.

Good news for families

"It was long overdue, and I'm really happy about it," said Chief Instructor Kenny Ayala.  "Students and parents were very pleased.  There is room for everyone, and everyone can see what's happening during class."

"This is a very big deal for the Ridgefield studio.  The community has supported our growth there for many years.   We're happy to provide them with even more space," said Senior Master Mikael Meyer, SDSS CEO.  Master Meyer was the original Chief Instructor for the Ridgefield studio.  He has worked closely with our founder, Grandmaster DeMasco, to build SDSS over the past three decades.  We now serve thousands of students across the country, but it is particularly meaningful to see the Ridgefield space grow so beautifully.

This means, of course, that we now have additional lesson opportunities in Ridgefield.  For a free trial lesson, give us a call at 203-431-5776!