The New Year’s Resolution You’ll Keep

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Most New Year’s Resolutions don’t last.  One source says that most of us give up in less than a month.   According to another study, the average “give up” day is January 12th.  We set goals with the intention to “live our best lives” (although few can define what that means), and we commit to spending a whole year pursuing that lofty goal.  Then, in just a few days, we’re right back to the old rut.

The Resolution You’ll Keep

What if you made a resolution this year that you might actually keep?!  Moreover, it’s a resolution that will change your life, improve your health, make you a better student, parent, or spouse, develop your self-confidence, and enable you to defend yourself.  

Of course, we’re talking about Martial Arts.    SDSS students stay, on average, two years or more.  That’s twice the industry average. Thousands of our students remain much longer, and many choose to follow the path of the Martial Arts for the rest of their lives.  We’ve seen the phenomenon for years. A student comes in and takes a free lesson. Perhaps they commit for a week or a month. Almost immediately, they feel the change in their lives.  Focus. Energy. Confidence. Weeks turn into months, and one day they’re testing for an upper belt, and they realize, “wow, Kung Fu has been a part of my life for years. I never imagined…”

Well, imagine it.  We’ve seen students as young as Pre-K find focus and self-esteem.  We’ve seen students in their seventies find a veritable fountain of youth on the dojo floor.  It will happen for you, too.  

Kung Fu is FUN

Oh, and it’s fun, by the way.  Every class is a high-energy environment, and our people are the best-trained instructors in the industry.  Grandmaster DeMasco created a uniquely personalized approach, so you’ll make a stable connection with a trained instructor who makes your success his or her personal mission.  You will learn at your own pace, in an environment that is encouraging and respects the value of each individual. We believe that Kung Fu is for everyone, and we want you to feel great every time you take a lesson with us. 

What if I’m out of shape?  Too old? Too young?

We will build a program that starts wherever you are.  Our students are people large and small, typical and specially-abled, from the very young right through the golden years.  We have programs for people of any age. You’ll never be asked to do something you’re not comfortable with, but as you learn more and more, you’ll realize what Grandmaster DeMasco means when he says, “The mountain is really a myth.  It is only within ourselves.”

Can I afford it?  Will it work in my schedule?

Yes.  Each local studio sets its own schedule, and most of the time lessons are built to accommodate your availability.  Because each program is slightly different, it’s best to use the form on this page to contact your local SDSS studio.  The first lesson is always free, so you have nothing to lose.

“Kick off” the New Year with a resolution that you’ll keep

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!  Make this year your best one yet.  Visit us – you’ll be glad you did.