What a parent sees…

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Moms and dads…this is an example of what you’ll see at a private lesson. Here, Landon (age 8) and Felicity (age 6) have been studying at SDSS of Greenwich for a while, and they’re getting ready to test for Orange belt very soon.

This semi-private lesson comes during Leadership Week. Landon and Felicity are working hard on the fundamentals, like side kicks and Back 2-Knuckle Punches. Sifu Chris is able to give each child personal attention. At one point, Felicity and Landon “punch in” for each other, which is how they learn how their Kung Fu works on a person. Of course, they also understand Shaolin Self Control, and will only practice this with a certified SDSS Instructor.

What is more important, though, is the focus and respect these two siblings show each other. They’re focused and working hard on a goal, and they’re doing it as a family. We’re very proud of kids like this, because they’re building the foundation for lifelong success.