Would I need to study Kempo in order to study Kung Fu?

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Would I need to take Kempo to study Kung Fu?  I studied & still take retreats with Shi Guolin in NY as well as my Sifu who studied under Guolin.  But in Shaolin, there are no belting systems which I see on your site.  -Julie A. 

Hello Julie,
I am very familiar with Shi Goulin. I trained with him privately for two years on a weekly basis. We would train and then he and I would be served lunch at his temple in NY. In fact, Robert Young the senior editor of Black Belt magazine flew in and did an interview with Goulin and for the magazine.

As for your question to having to study Kempo before taking lessons with us that is not needed. In fact, we don’t teach Kempo. I train all our instructors in the art of Shaolin Chuan Fa, translated to Shaolin 5 fists. This is the self-defense system that is infamous though out all of China. It was a superior fighting system that was developed by some monks in the Shaolin Temple hundreds of years ago. It is similar to what some know as Kempo but very different in its delivery. The kung fu system that some of our studios teach is a five animal system.

As for your question about belt levels. Yes, I did create those levels to show progress. This is America, and Americans are conditioned to a reward based system stating in all areas as young children. So this is why we have a belt system. In fact, most if not all Chinese systems in America have adopted some sort of belt system to show progress.

I hope this answers your questions and feel free to contact us anytime. Hope to see you as one of our SDSS students. Maybe you might want to consider coming to China with us to visit and train in the Shaolin Temple. It is on our website.