Your New SDSS of West Hartford Team

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We're BACK! And we're stronger than ever.

THANK YOU for staying with us!

The SDSS National team has rallied behind the West Hartford Studio to make sure you receive the best possible instruction.
New Team: We're pleased to announce that Certified Instructors John Tusch and Tim Vogelman will be taking over the in-person instruction at Steve DeMasco's Shaolin Studios of West Hartford.
John Tusch. Sifu John Tusch will teach the Teens and Adults. Sifu John has been with SDSS since 2006, when he started in the Newtown studio. He was the founding Chief Instructor for the Fairfield Studio, and Grandmaster DeMasco named him the SDSS Instructor of the Year in 2013. In 2015 he moved to the Hartford Area, but the Fairfield Studio continues to thrive under the leadership of Sifu David Lopez. John has been a public school teacher for over 30 years, and was most recently honored as the 2020 Teacher of the Year at Global Communications Academy in Hartford.
Tim Vogelman. Sifu Tim Vogelman will teach the Tigers and Dragons. Sifu Tim has also been with SDSS since 2006, and began in the Newtown studio. He's been training as a martial artist and instructor for 14 years. He began his teaching career as a second instructor in Newtown, before earning a role as a full time instructor with the Wilton studio. "Martial Arts has always struck me as a lifestyle rather than a hobby," he says. Tim brings experience and boundless energy to the SDSS students of the West Hartford.
All SDSS Instructors train regularly under Grandmaster DeMasco and Senior Master Mikael Meyer, guaranteeing you the best possible martial arts instruction in the industry.
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