Our Programs

Childrens' Programs

Martial arts for young children. Tigers class provides the high-energy fun and life skills kids need for their early elementary school years. 

Teens' Programs

Teen classes provide a high-energy and fun experience learning with their peers.  We work to prepare them for the adult world while training them as martial artists with great respect and self-control.

Teens' Programs

You will receive the most effective self-defense training available. This is the same system Grandmaster uses to train the FBI SWAT teams.   You’ll love joining our SDSS family.

Train YOUR way!

Distance Training

    In-Studio Training

      Shaolin Chuan-Fa

      At SDSS, first and foremost, our objective is personal safety. Our world has changed and so have the rules. We don’t promote violence, however, we do advocate that an individual has the right to protect themselves and their families.