SDSS Privacy Policy

We will respect your privacy.  We ask for your phone number and email so we can keep in touch with you.   If we have your phone number or email address, it's only because you gave us that information.  We promise not to flood your email box with spam!  From time to time we will reach out with information on special events, offers, or just to check in.

We will NOT sell your contact information, nor will we share that information with anyone outside the company.

We do not use cookies.

If you are receiving communication from us, it is only because you gave us that information.  If you change your mind:

  • Opt out by phone: Call us or let us know by phone.
  • Opt-out by email: There is an "unsubscribe" option on the bottom of the email, or just hit reply and say, "please take me off the list."